Om nirvana therapeutic massage
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 At om nirvana therapeutic massage, my goal is to help improve client’s health and enhance their well-being. I believe that a massage can balance a person’s mind, body, and soul.I would like to achieve optimum health by educating each client about the body’s innate healing capacity.Each custom session will be a blend of various massage techniques. Every client who comes for a massage will be treated as a unique individual.I will tailor my session based on an initial interview and communication with the client.All the sessions include hot towel treatments(hydrotherapy).

 I am also a certified Reiki master and do Reiki treatments.To know more please copy and paste the below link.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me at 256-6172334.

Have a wonderful day and do treat yourself to massage very soon!

Archana Damle-LMT


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